Wear It Like It's Skin

Seamless silicone bra-alternatives designed for every occasion. So comfortable you’ll barely notice it’s there. Feel NIUD, feel good.

The perfect shade for you

One shade does not fit all. We want to make sure that you get the perfect shade for your skin tone. Celebrating inclusiveness and diversity, nobody gets left behind.


The softer, lighter tone of this nipple cover is perfect for those with a light skin tone

Get Cream


For our in-between babes with tanned skin. Go for this shade if you have a sun-kissed glow

Get Caramel


Melanin-friendly coverage for those with rich, brown or chocolate skin tone

Get Cinnamon


Joining the #NIUDies family is more than just what you're wearing on the inside, it's that ultimate boost of confidence that we know you have in you

  • Reusable

    Wear it up to 3 months by following our care tips!

    Say good-bye to single use nipple covers

  • Waterproof

    Wear them to the gym, to the pool, or even on a hike!

  • Skin-friendly

    Made with medical-grade adhesive that is kind to the skin

  • Photo-ready

    With a matte finish, you can be rest assured that nothing will show up on flash photography!