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Comfortable, reusable semi-opaque silicone pasties to get you through your day! No more protruding nipples under sheer innerwear & swimsuit, or awkward bra straps under shoulderless/backless outfits!

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Perfectly tapered edges that blend unnoticeably. Bye-bye embarassing ridges and bumps!

cost-efficient and eco-friendly

NIUD covers are washable and reusable. With proper care and storage, they can be reused up to 100 times!  Time to ditch your single-use pasties!

Sweatproof and waterproof

Staying in place even during the hottest days. Beach (yoga, hiking, .etc you name it!) -friendly.

magnetic storage case

Keep your NIUD covers safe in a complimentary storage case. Each storage case comes with 2 holders for your NIUD covers to rest on and maintain their ergonomic curves. 


7cm WIDE

7cm diameter for adequate coverage

< 3mm THIN

<3mm ultra thin tapered edges for seamless experience

3 shades

tailored to your skin tone.

More questions?

Let’s find you some answers at our FAQ! 


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Limits of Liability: NIUD shall not be in any way liable for any incidental or consequential damages resulting from the use of our products. NIUD’s liability is exclusively limited solely to the replacement cost of our products.

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 27 × 16.5 × 5 cm

Caramel, Cocoa, Cream

21 reviews for NIUD Covers

  1. Amanda

    Been a long time user of nipple covers. Wasn’t expecting much when I bought these, literally every single pair of silicone nipple covers I tried were thick and obviously visible under sheer clothing like two mini pancakes slapped onto my chest. These were so seamless that I couldn’t even see or feel the edge under the thinnest tightest top I own!! These are now my holy grail product and I use them every day. Wish there was a subscription option for these so I don’t have to keep reordering every 3-4 months or so!!!

  2. Jessica Chan

    The pasties were as advertised, very seamless and comfortable… Bought the caramel shade and I like how they match my skin tone too. Very surprised by how fast the delivery were, ordered late noon and it was delivered to me next day (KL). TQ!!

  3. Sarah

    It really is seamless, but most importantly the RIGHT SKIN COLOUR!! I haven’t found a nipple cover that matches my skin tone and you can easily see them when wearing white or sheer clothing. Asides from how good the quality is, comfortable and easy to clean, the skin tone is a massive plus 💯

  4. Elizabeth Rheams-Shaw

    I love this product! It’s perfect for strapless or thin strapped tops and dresses. I also like that I can wear them with my bathing suit and they stay put even when wet. I highly recommend nuid.

  5. Christine

    I found niud lab on Instagram and bought a pair just to try them out and honestly, they’re even better than advertised! I wish I found these sooner because I finally found nipple covers that match my skin tone perfectly AHHHH
    they’re so comfy and seamless too, I really feel like I got my confidence back when I wear these on a night out!

  6. Xin Yi

    I originally bought these for myself, but my boyfriend found out that these covers are really good to use during his daily jogs to prevent chapped nipples. I think he was even more impressed than I was at how waterproof and sweatproof these covers really are… 10/10 we LOVE these 🤍🤍🤍

  7. Chandra

    Doesn’t really match my skin tone … Shld b a shade between “caramel” and “cocoa” wld b nice dear 👍

  8. Sophia Johnson

    Been hearing so much about this, finally got my hands on them! 😍 I’m not going back to cheap pasties anymore.

  9. Farah

    Really impressed by the quality of these! Definitely worth the price you pay for, plus it sticks throughout the day!

  10. Claire C.

    Love these! I’m a dancer and these actually stuck to my nips the whole time I was dancing.

  11. Carmen

    Wore these under my bikinis and they stayed on so well! Really love how seamless they blend into my skin. Would repurchase!

  12. Denesse Taylor

    Wore this with my bikini to the beach it stuck on the whole time, except for when I put too much sunscreen the adhesive stopped working as well. Better not to put too much lotion or sunscreen before wearing.

  13. Shi Qin

    First time trying silicone nipple sticker. Used to wear those strapless bra but it’s just so stuffy if I have to wear it for a long day. Had doubts of whether they’ll stay intact and they legit were stuck onto me the whole day, even when I was walking around town under the hot and humid weather!!

  14. Vivian Hyunh

    Bought these to wear under my rave outfits for EDC 2021. Despite all the wilding and jumping around, they stayed on all the way till the end. Best part is I didn’t feel like I was wearing anything! My new favs and would definitely be wearing them everywhere now

  15. Sze Yin

    Way better than the nipple covers sold at Cotton On and Shein, stayed on for the whole day without making me feel uncomfortable. Tqvm

  16. Sheila Lee

    Skeptical when I first saw it on IG. Very comfortable when you use them, and the color matches with my skin tone as well. I bought the cream option. Easy to wash as well.

  17. Candace Chew Qiyin

    Best, this is good product. I wear this Niud lab sticker for whole day and the whole day it didn’t come off. It’s a very good sticker

  18. Chandini Joseph

    Cocoa nipple sticker matches with my skin tone, seamless so no one could notice that they were on.

  19. 林佳如

    快速送货上门 给niud点个赞👍

  20. Tasha

    Such a godsent; wore it to the pool, for workouts and to dinners/other events, and its absolutely STAYS ON. Doesn’t leave me feeling paranoid like I do when wearing nipple stickers by other brands.

    Stays sticky for a super long time as well (I’ve used it at least 40 times so far and still works great).

    Plus points for handy yet aesthetic packaging <3

  21. Anna

    Ok, I don’t know how I lived without it! These stickers are perfect, so comfortable! It’s like your wearing a bra without wearing a bra! Unfortunately, there’s no way I can attach pictures here, but the stickers are invisible. Niud has made my life a bit easier and more free☺️.

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